Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Willow is full on and moving around very quickly these days and loves climbing on things, i walked into the kitchen last night and she was up on the table helping herself to a box of pretzels. When we where in germany she loved pretzels the big pretzels not the tiny ones you get in a box here.

Our Engagement Party is in 2 weeks time and i have a weeks holiday when its on which is great, its just great not having to go to work fullstop. Work will be changing my boss is moving to another store so there will be a new boss coming in.

I watched parts of the Superbowl yesterday and i still can not get into NFL its just to slow a game and they all look like big girls in there padding and helmets, just too used of watching AFL where the game is extremely fast and the men are real and dont need padding. One thing about Superbowl that is great is the entainment Prince yesterday who i dont really like but he put on a great set of songs considering it was raining.

The hot weather was back yesterday back around the 38 degree mark but much cooler this morning i must say.

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Denise M said...

we can't take our eyes off Owen either! he's always up to something, well standing on something. rock climbers!