Thursday, March 06, 2008

Quiet week this week only 2 days of work but 5 days a week for the next 3 weeks coming up so some good cash there and a few public holidays thrown in for good measure.

My shed not the wyldbrau house is fast filling up as my computer room must make way for the baby when it arrives in June. have bought some paint and getting some new carpet put to replace the 1960's shag pile that haunts it now. I have put some racks that hang from the roof down in there and bought some plastic storage boxes to go on it and we have been filling it up fast.

Interest rates here in Australia are on the rise big time we had our 9 interest rate rise since 2003 without a drop. That sucks for my house repayments but not as bad as if i owed hundreds of thousands though a 3rd of the population are under mortgage stress. An article in the herald sun last week said up to 100 house's a week are getting foreclosed on by lenders. All this a due to our strong economy and raising inflation we are all spending too much i guess.

Scott and Zoe are coming down this weekend for there annual trip to the maffra Mardi Gra. Will be good to catch and have some beers, sorry Scott bourbons.

Rebecca has been having a harder time with this pregnancy than with Willow which was very smooth. She always seems to be having trouble with being out of breath and constant stomach pains. Ah well this is last one we will be having i might just go and get the chop so i can not father anymore.

As for willow miss attitude well she had been poorly behaved lately does not liten just does what she wants the terrible two's alright. If it cant get its own way she lays on the floor and cries and just goes on a terrible treat.

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