Sunday, March 02, 2008

Well its about 2.12 am in the morning and i cant sleep. All 3of us have been really sick the last few days. I went to work today from 12 till 9.15 and it nearly killed me i took some NoDoz to stay awake caffeine pills so i think thats maybe why i cant go to sleep but even when i do i cough flat out and wake myself up anyway so fuck it i may as well be awake then i guess.

Two of the girls from mothers group had babies this week both on the 29 of February ah well guess you will save on presents with only one birthday every four years. They where both a bit upset about it but hay when they want to come out they do. Lauren and Bec both had little babie girls and called them Matilda and Ruby.

This morning i watched the world club challenge between Melbourne Storm and Leeds Rhino's in Rugby League and it was one once again by the British team but so they should its all stacked in there favor. They are already playing there season Melbourne has not played a game yet as our season does not start for another few weeks its played in England every year not Australia and the worlds best player Cameron Smith for the Storm was not playing along with a hand full of others while leeds had a full strength team so no surprise there

The Annual maffra Mardi Gra is on next week its a chance for community groups to raise money by putting forward an entrant who has 6 weeks to raise as much money as possible through fund raising activities.

Watched an excellent movie called The Assisination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford when i got home from work. It was an great movie will not be everyone's pick but if you are a fan of the Western Genre you will certainly like it. Brad Pitt plays Jessie James and does a great job of it.

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